Instructions for assembling a Waire(tm)NZ Made wool Respirator Mask

Instructions for assembling a Waire(tm)NZ Made wool Respirator Mask

Instructions for assembling a Waire™ Respirator Mask

1. Wash your hands well with soap and water or use hand sanitiser before assembling a Waire™ Respirator Mask. Ensure a clean surface to work on.

2. Take one Waire™ Respirator Mask, one nose wire and one elastic strap.

3. Fold the nose wire in half so the foam sits on the inside.

4. Peel the backing paper from the nose wire, align and stick to the inside top edge of the mask. Ensure the complete surface of the nose wire is stuck to the mask.

5. Take one end of the elastic and feed through one of the bottom holes starting from the inside of the mask. 1

6. Take the same end of elastic and feed through the top hole directly above. 7. Repeat the process with the other end of elastic on the other side of the mask.

8. Make final adjustments to the elastic to ensure there is even length of both sides of the mask.

9. Place mask over your nose/mouth whilst placing bottom loop over your head. Adjust by pulling on the two lose ends to ensure a snug fit and tie off with a bow. 2

10. Press on the nose wire to ensure a seal is achieved over the nose bridge region.

Notes: • Avoid touching inner or outer surfaces with your fingers when fitting or removing. • Ideally replace after each use, or at least daily if exposed to potential contact. Place used mask in a plastic bag and dispose of safely.

For a video tutorial showing how to assemble and fit a Waire™ Respirator Mask, visit 3 or watch the video below

Waire(tm) Face Mask Instructions for assembly

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