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NS New Zealand Coloferrin(tm) 90 caps ” Old stock”


New Zealand Colostrum 100gms

Nature’s First Food

100% pure New Zealand bovine colostrum and lactoferrin

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NS New Zealand Coloferrin(tm) Colostrum and Lactoferrin- 90 caps 


PS. Due to demand for COVID Nutritionals  we are having difficulty in sourcing New Zealand Colostrum and lactoferrin  and once this 40 is gone we will be out of stock until April  2022

Nature’s First Food

New Zealand Coloferrin(tm) Old Stock  ( at less than Half Price as its over 2 years old however still very very  effective

Thats my personal guarantee Colin  Middleton formulator and CEO

100% pure New Zealand bovine colostrum and Lactoferrin

Each capsule contains bovine Colostrum powder-bovine 403.5mg- Equivalent immunoglobulin G -bovine

80.7mg-Lactoferrin bovine 36.5mg

90 Vegetarian Capsules

Immune Support


Dietary Supplement

Immunity: Colostrum and lactoferrin  is 100% natural substance that contains:

Bioactive components Immunoglobulins Growth factors.

NS Colostrum and lactoferrin  is spray-dried through low-temperature processing to maximize immune and growth factor activity.

NS Coloferrin(tm)

This product may be taken to build immunity to all ills and chills, and improve lifestyle: to compliment sports/ training program. to promote vitality and stamina recovery : to support gastro intestine health.

Direction for use:

Adults  adults 2-4 capsules daily with water before eating

Children over 24 months: over two years 1-2 capsules daily.

Suitable for vegetarians

Store in a cool place below 30 C (86F)

Supplied by ViralShield Health  Limited


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