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True Blue Organic Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser 60mls pump

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True Blue Organic Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser    60mls  pump

Kills 99.9% of Common Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses so they do not spread

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True Blue Organic Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser  60mls  pump

Kills 99.9% of common bacteria, fungi and is also antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory


Please note:   Tea Tree oils has been proven time and time again to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory!


Organically created with:

Low alcohol  formula ,Fast Drying

No Petroleum products

No synthetic antibacterials

No Parabens

No Sulphates



No Phthalates

No Triclosan

No Silicones

No Animal Derivatives

No Harsh Detergents

No Synthetic Dyes and Coloring

New Zealand organic ingredients

Tea Tree and Lemon oil fragrance

Made in Karamea, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

Comes handy when  camping  travelling on holiday Protects you and family

Suits the car, workplace, travel kit and survival kit

Extra protection when routine handwashing is not possible

Cleanup after kids , nappy changes, out and about  ie travelling

during an illness  and Protects against a  Viral Attack or  Pandemic like the Coronavirus  COVID 19 and 0r any other immune attacks



60ml and spray  bottles


It’s generally accepted that one of the best protections against harmful bacteria ,flus and viruses is thorough regular handwashing with soap and water.  However if soap and water are not convenient then Viral Shield hand sanitiser is your prefect protective shield  from attacks..

A hand sanitiser pump/spray bottle offers you a convenient way to use a hand sanitizer, so you can take it everywhere to protect yourself 100 percent of the time.

Viral Shield and True Blue hand sanitiser is organically certified and Lab tested ,traceable, and safe on sensitive skin.

Use it regularly before touching surfaces especially in public places , food or people when you are ill or visiting someone who is ill . It also gives protection when changing nappies and cleaning up kids, take it to events, airports on airlines, malls, trains and on  buses. picnics and playgrounds, or tramping and camping.

Always keep a spare bottle in your car, workplace, nursery and especially in your virus pandemic and earthquake survival kit.

Hand sanitisers usually contain at least 60-70% alcohol as an antimicrobial and drying agent. Tea Tree’s powerful antibacterial properties allow us to reduce the alcohol content to less than 30%. Adding lemon oil and organic moisturising calendula oil we complement Tea Tree’s pleasant fragrance in a safe and natural fashion.

Viral Shield Organics Hand Sanitiser is free of potentially harmful synthetic antibacterials like Triclosan. It is also paraben, petrochemical, and synthetic fragrance Free. It is laboratory tested and passes conventional bacterial tests.

Available in economical 60 and 200ml pump bottles, a single application will leave your skin clean and fragrant.

Viral Shield Organics Hand Sanitiser is Laboratory tested and passes conventional bacterial tests

Size  available   60ml bottles


With 240+ individual pumps, our 60ml Hand Sanitiser is actually very economical and highly effective. Laboratory proven anti-bacterial qualities and natural organic ingredients make for a perfect alternative to traditional  hand sanitisers or hand washing.




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